The March 14 letter from a U.S. Postal Service official ("USPS consolidation is about efficiency") talks about increasing the efficiency of the Postal Service by consolidating underused facilities. I too hope the USPS becomes more efficient.

On March 1, I received a letter postmarked Dec. 28, 2012, from a person 10 miles away from me in Bakersfield. The same day, I received another piece of mail dated Feb. 1, 2013. I have also received a dun each from two other commercial sources, saying it was the second notice to pay a bill; I have yet to receive the original bills.

Since I have lived at the same address for 24 years and the late mail I received had the correct address on it, I can only assume the worse for other mail I may not have received.

Sorting is one source of the problem but what about mail apparently lost when it is received at the distribution point for carrier delivery?