Regarding the Feb. 23 letter "Help us save lives: spay and neuter your pets": The writer encourages those people who help a feral cat colony to "consider trap, neuter and release for your colony."

Please explain how to do that, as we have contacted the animal shelter on Mount Vernon Avenue and the group called Happy Cats, and have not had a response to our requests to bring in a feral female. We have left several messages asking for help and information on where to go and what days, but no one will call us back. If these programs are no longer available, it would be a great help if someone would let us know or if the shelter would give us additional contact information.

We have been saddled with this female and her male counterpart, not by choice. She seems fairly sweet and would be easy to trap and bring in for spaying. However, we cannot afford to do this, nor should we have to, as it is not our cat. (For those irresponsible people who chose not to spay her mother, we and the community thank you.) We are just trying to help make sure she does not soon become a "mom" and have numerous kittens, which will then need homes as well.