I would like to publicly thank the owner of a restaurant in Oildale. My family and I ate at Fabulous Burgers in Oildale on Feb. 25 on our way out of town. My son accidentally threw his retainer away, and we didn't realize it was missing until we were three hours out of Bakersfield.

My mother called the restaurant and told the staff what had happened. The owner called her back and said he had pinpointed the Dumpster in which the retainer might be.

My mother went back, fully prepared to dig through the Dumpster. Upon her arrival, the owner handed her my son's found retainer. The owner and his staff had gone through the trash to locate it for us. I was moved to tears when I heard this, as good people in this world seem to be in short supply. It is instances like this that restore my faith in mankind.

I am so grateful for the above-and- beyond service that the Fabulous Burgers owner and his amazing staff displayed.

Nicolle Young