What part of this do I not understand? The county, through the County Administrative Office, is offering an out-of-state company $200,000 in tax incentives to bring 20 to 30 jobs to Kern County.

At the same time, the same office is recommending sending 35 to 40 jobs out of state (Ohio and Florida), replacing a local vendor, Managed Care Systems, to run its health care plan?

The CAO claims it will save $4 million in administrative fees over three years as compared to Managed Care. But listening to the board presentation recently on the matter, Managed Care made a very compelling case that in health care, you have to spend money to save money. To witness, with a $100 million plan it has held the county cost increases to 1 percent a year for three years. Given that the rest of us are experiencing 5 percent to 10 percent increases, that translates to millions beyond any administrative savings.

In support, the president of the firefighters union testified that his health care contributions had not gone up in three years. Hopefully, all the county supervisors will see the contradiction here and vote to keep Managed Care jobs and savings in Kern County.