It came as no surprise that Ralph Bailey abruptly resigned from KNZR (later to join KERN). I have always been a talk radio listener and when I moved to Bakersfield about a year ago, I sought out that local forum, landing on KNZR. I listened with interest to Bailey, who represented himself as a "conservative black man." It soon became obvious that he was not conservative, as he professed.

On two occasions, I called Bailey. The first when he was critical about how much money a celebrity was making (conservatives don't care what people earn) and the second involving his support of affirmative action.

To my thinking, each of these stances by Bailey were liberal and not conservative as he professed to be. When I called him on his contradictions, Bailey became irate and each time hung up on me, avoiding any debate.

I understand talk radio is about controversy but in Bailey's case he was just not what he professed to be. To be blunt, he was a phony.