I am privileged to be a friend of Michael Rubio. I know he has suddenly disappointed his supporters and voting public with his decision to resign from the state Senate. I want to set the record straight. Michael's dedication to public service is unparalleled. I have watched him unselfishly keep grueling schedules and work on legislation with very little sleep. I have always felt astonished at all he accomplished in so little time.

Michael's family was a model rising political family. His daughter, Iliana, is a dream child -- bright, verbally astute and adores the spotlight. His wife, Dora, is always understanding and totally supportive of Michael's public role, and the demands of his office. She is amazing. Michael and Dora were thrilled about the upcoming birth of the new addition to their family. Then the baby was born with Down syndrome, not a good fit for a promising political career.

The feelings of shock, denial and bewilderment were unexpectedly replaced with an enormous, overwhelming love for a sweet child who will always be a sweet child. In spite of expected anger and criticism, Michael is doing what he has always done -- the right thing. OK, so he is going to be a soccer dad for a while. But you haven't heard the last of Michael Rubio.