Winter is nearly over, and with it the winter respite that our rescue group enjoys. Kitten and puppy season is nearly upon us again, and with that comes our scramble to save as many of those abandoned babies as we can. Inevitably, we must turn some away, as our resources are limited, but people can help our efforts! Please, spay and neuter your pets.

If you're one of those kind people who helps a feral cat colony, consider trap, neuter and release for your colony. This can be accomplished at no cost to you, and releasing altered ferals discourages other unaltered ferals from entering that territory. Consider this: One unaltered cat pair and their resulting litter can produce 40,000 kittens in seven years.

Thousands of cats and dogs are killed every year by Kern County Animal Control, for no other reason than that no one wants them and there's no space to house them. This is unconscionable, and can be alleviated substantially if every pet owner alters their pets. If cost is a factor, contact Critters Without Litters, a low-cost, high-quality pet-altering clinic. Our group patronizes them and we are highly impressed with their service and care of our animals.

Please, and I am seriously begging here, spay and neuter your pets! Remember: Pets are family. They are not disposable. As rescue volunteers, ours is a labor of love, but we'd be more than happy to be obsolete.

Charlee Talor

Have A Heart Humane Society