Regarding the Associated Press article "Inmate lawsuits costing state $200M," published Feb. 12 in The Californian: This is, in my opinion, a travesty. Why should jail inmates, and felons at that, have the right to sue the state -- and with free attorneys? These people were convicted of many different crimes against people who don't have that right. They are given a place to sleep, three meals a day, free medical attention, and access to telephones, libraries and TVs.

There are those who cry they are entitled to their "civil rights." What rights should they have? Why is it not fair that they have to pay for some of their rights? They could be picking up trash along the roads, they could help clean up the forests, they could help fight fires. There are any number of things they could be doing to help pay for their keep. Legislators, are you listening?

Barbara Mullin