I often tell others that I'm frugal, but on Valentine's Day I outdid myself as never before. It just took a little planning.

I called my wife and asked her to meet me at our daughter's house in Bakersfield to go to dinner since I was working north of town and she was in Arvin.

We met and she followed me to the eating establishment. We ordered the food and when it was served we enjoyed a wonderful candle-lit dinner. I gave my wife a golden ring -- actually several rings. She was overwhelmed, speechless with my acts of affection. While we sat enjoying the night, the waitress brought my wife a beautiful rose and life was good. It was like the first date all over again.

For you guys who think I have changed, allow me to explain how the special event took place. We went to John's Burger and I ordered a burger combo and Lora ordered the Valentine's Day special, a patty melt. I also ordered "golden" onion rings. I brought a candle and a lighter to create that "special" ambiance written of in romantic novels.

The "golden" rings, followed by the beautiful rose, tipped Cupid's scale to 10, which had before been illusive.

That is how I pulled off a night that will be remembered forever.

Craig Garrett