The writer of a Feb. 12 letter ("Vile anti-gun leftists happy with Sandy Hook") accuses "the leftists in Sacramento and nationwide" of "smiling and rubbing their hands together right after the Sandy Hook School shooting, not at the horrific loss of life," but "as an opportunity to further gut our Second Amendment rights." I find his comments to be self-serving and insulting.

I suspect he would be rubbing his hands together if the perpetrator at Sandy Hook had been mowed down by automatic weapons in the hands of gun-toting activists. Either situation is horrific. I have heard or read of nothing about rescinding the Second Amendment. Instead, "leftists" like myself want to ban weapons and ammunition designed solely for optimal human damage, such as automatic weapons, high-capacity magazines and armor-piercing ammo.

To echo the previous writer's final words, it would be nice if he was interested in protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States, like the freedom of speech and majority rule. (That would be how the "socialists" got elected in the first place.)