Regarding Tim Vivian's Feb. 11 Community Voices article, "Questions for Jesus on nation's vast wealth, systemic poverty": Beware the socialist with the beggar's bowl. He tells you that you're part of a community and then lays claim to what is yours in the name of the community. Vivian pointed the finger of judgment at the richest 400 Americans because they had more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans. This is unfair, he tells us. Jesus, he claims, tell us that being rich is evil and no one can get to heaven unless they let someone like himself make the distribution of wealth more just.

He didn't plow the fields nor sow the seeds. But we're part of the "polis," he tells us. Yes, the polis allowed us to buy the land -- then they taxed us. When we bought the seeds, they taxed us. When we took the wheat to market, they taxed us. When we had the wheat milled, they taxed us. When we sold the flour, they taxed us. When we paid others to bake for us, they set the pay. When we sold the bread, they taxed us again.

Though we paid and paid, now they tell us that we're not being fair because we still have a few kopecks left! Those kopecks rightly belong to the community, he asserts. But we should not ask, "What did you do with all those taxes? Didn't you feed the poor with them? Or did you give to the other socialists with beggar's bowls?"