Columnist Inga Barks is correct in her assessment about gun-control advocates ("Gun-control advocates know laws won't work," Feb. 9). They could care less about firearms safety and saving lives. The socialists that have taken control of the Democratic Party and now run this state and much of the country have an unnatural and, frankly, a creepy compulsion to control just about everything we do in life. They despise the Second Amendment, but they know that they cannot repeal it, even though they would do so if they could.

I'm sure that a lot of the leftists in Sacramento and nationwide were smiling and rubbing their hands together right after the Sandy Hook School shooting, not at the horrific loss of life, but at the fact that they saw an opportunity to further gut our Second Amendment rights. They are exploiting a tragic event to do so.

Since the leftists pushing all of these infringements on our freedom know that repeal of the Second Amendment is out of the question, the aim now is to make firearm ownership by law-abiding citizens so expensive, inconvenient and confusing that most people will give up on it.

It would be nice if these people would take their oaths of office seriously. You know, that part about "protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States." But that's probably too much to ask for as their vile political agenda comes first.