I applaud state Sen. Michael Rubio's bill that would prohibit food stamp recipients from buying sugary drinks such as sodas ("Rubio to food stamp recipients: No sodas," Feb. 6.) I do not mind helping out those who need it, but food stamps are for food. Nutritious food! If you want to buy alcohol, sodas, candy or cigarettes, this is not my obligation as a taxpayer to pay for.

We are in a fiscal crisis throughout California and the United States, and I am happy to see government leaders trying to be more responsible with how we spend our tax dollars. And I feel that most people would agree that we do not wish to buy your soda for you.

This bill shouldn't even be about trying to control the ever growing waistlines of the American people. It should be about what is the right and responsible choice.

Buy food, buy milk, buy diapers, but buying a soda will have to be on your own dime, not ours.

Those of us who are on a limited income have to make responsible choices. If we can't afford something, we don't buy it. It is so easy to spend other people's money and claim that your rights are being violated because there are limits put on what you can spend with it. This argument is getting old, and frankly, we can't afford it.

Marie Woodard