The Californian was generous to Sheriff Donny Youngblood regarding his comments about declining to enforce further gun control laws currently under consideration by Congress -- restrictions urged by the Obama administration. Reading The Californian article ("Sheriff expresses concern about reach of new gun law proposals," Feb. 2) and comparing it to the interview he gave to ABC 23 News, one could almost summarize they were two different persons.

If Youngblood spoke as an ordinary citizen there would be no issues. But considering he is sheriff and swore an oath to uphold the laws -- even federal laws -- what is he thinking? He is not judge and jury on which laws to enforce.

This was terrible judgment, even if these are his own personal beliefs. To do so in uniform was foolish. How does one in good faith prosecute offenders when the top of the legal enforcement pyramid seems very comfortable articulating his intent to skirt new laws because he doesn't agree? It's hoodlum mentality.