So, I'm to understand from The Californian's Feb. 2 editorial, "Train janitors to defend our campuses?," that janitors and teachers are too stupid to carry concealed firearms in school?

Really? Couldn't they take classes to learn how? And if they do take a class wouldn't they learn to always keep the firearm concealed on their person and never leave it in a desk drawer? And never ever to brag or let it known they are permitted to carry concealed so the bad guy wouldn't know who to target first? Isn't that the whole idea behind air marshals, not knowing who they are? Do air marshals board a flight and cry out "Yoo hoo, I'm a air marshal and I have a gun -- come shoot me before any one else"?

So am I to assume The Californian would rather have the certainty of having schools full of sheep, unable to defend themselves against a wolf, rather than having the potential to change a sad outcome? If so, why does The Californian hate children?

Oh, and by the way, I don't know if she does now, but Sen. Diane Feinstein once had a concealed weapon permit. See, she learned, and she's a senator!