Robert Price said Kevin McCarthy is in a "position of power?" ("McCarthy ought to lead on reform," Feb. 3.) McCarthy's position as House majority whip means McCarthy counts the votes, cajoles or threatens members of his party to vote the way the speaker wants, and doesn't make a lot of friends while doing this.

For those of us who watch a lot of news we note that the three months leading up to the November election had McCarthy and Majority Leader Eric Cantor in almost every appearance of Speaker John Boehner. However since mid-November McCarthy is rarely seen, only Cantor with Boehner. Historically, being whip has not been a step on the path to a higher position within the party.

McCarthy's representation of Kern County has been poor. It is entirely possible that his performance for the Republican majority has been no better, and he is no longer in favor and consequently, he really isn't in a position of power.