Bakersfield, we are better than this. I was surfing FM radio stations in the morning recently while driving to work. A local station had a talk show with two guys laughing heartily, so I stopped to listen. I love comedy. They were discussing why the president always has flies around him when he gives speeches -- news to me.

Laughing like two junior high brats, they began to list what draws flies, and of course, after much more juvenile banter, they reached the conclusion that cow pies draw the most flies. Visualizing this image of the president resulted in their mutual congratulations accompanied by much self-praise for their logic and wit.

Like President Obama or not, this is pretty disgusting stuff. It turns out that I had tuned to Glenn Beck's morning show. We are better than this. America is better than this. I certainly will not listen to that station again, and I hope others feel the same.