My wife, son and I live on Panorama Drive. We have lived here approximately four months. We have had one car drive through my yard as well as the yards of the neighbors on either side of me. In addition to that, we have seen four other vehicle accidents or near accidents.

The speed at which people drive on Panorama day and night is at times frightening. There is a walking trail and a park that overlook the bluffs. At any given time of day, families with young children are walking or playing there. It is only a matter of time before someone is either killed in a vehicle-on-vehicle accident or a vehicle kills a pedestrian. The speed limit must be reduced or speed bumps must be added.

I recognize that Panorama is a thoroughfare for many going to Bakersfield College or as a shortcut to and from work. I spoke to a police officer that was up here responding to a recent accident and told him about my concerns. His response was that nothing can be done because it is a four-lane "highway." Maybe something can be done after someone dies.

My wife and I love the view up here, but the motorcycle showboating and racing and automobile speeds make allowing my son to play in the front yard prohibitive. I can't be the first resident up here to complain about this. I would hope something or someone can look into this issue.