So all America's illegal immigrants are going to get amnesty again, except this time instead of 3 million, we are talking 11 million. At a time when Americans are looking for work and the unemployment rate is astronomical, we are going to allow 11 million low-wage workers into the country to compete with Americans. We did this in 1986 and we should have built that fence so no others could come in again.

If this happens we need to do some things: change the 14th Amendment so that babies of foreigners will not be U.S. citizens; make English the language of the land; prevent illegals from getting on welfare for 10 years (they'll have to be able to afford it here or have someone other than us take care of them); deport them for any crime at all; and build that fence so we don't let this happen again. If the courts would've let the voters speak by upholding Proposition 187, this would not be the case today.

Sandi Murray