Seems there is a bit of controversy surrounding the Bakersfield Prayer Breakfast, set for this Thursday morning at the Rabobank Convention Center.

I'm not sure how this got started, but I'm guessing it came about because some disgruntled soul felt unwelcome.

I've attended several Bakersfield Prayer Breakfasts and never felt unwelcome, ever.

I've seen numerous representatives from the Sikh, Jewish and Islamic community in attendance and, I suppose, other faiths were represented as well and I simply did not recognize them.

This is a breakfast sponsored by the city of Bakersfield or the county of Kern. It is put together by private citizens for the enjoyment of all. If those in our community who don't like the fact it's called a Christian event wish to start their own breakfast, I dare say nobody will stop them.

If they don't wish to attend the Christian breakfast, nobody will force them either.

Glen A. Pruett