This is regarding the Jan. 27 news articles "Trash plan littered with frustration" and "NASA flights offer a view of valley air pollution."

Could the Kern County Board of Supervisors post signs at each highway leading into our county that state, "This is a litter-free county. You will be fined if you litter," or something like that, and then pass a law to enforce that? I believe that's the only thing that will attract the attention of people who are too lazy to dispose of their own trash. Many years ago, the saying "Don't be a litter bug!" was popular and we were encouraged to honk if we saw someone doing that. I still do.

As for air pollution, if that is a problem why are husky-looking city workers using leaf blowers? Why can't they use a rake or push broom like I still do even though I'm old enough to collect Social Security? Can the county or city levy a special tax paid by those buying leaf blowers? That might discourage people from using them.