The only thing more insane than warfare are those who relish participating in it. So the ladies, in their quest for equality, want their share of glory. Well, I have news for you: Glory is a fleeting thing and can be taken from you in one awful instant. You ungraciously fell off your pedestal, and now you want to destroy your inborn gentleness.

Combat comes in a variety of missions that are not equal in ferocity. The Air Force and Navy play vital and important roles in offensive and defensive combat assignments, but the gravel-crunching ground forces are the queen of battle.

Their world is different in physical and mind-wrenching violence, and the opportunistic women who seek advancement are a limited few among junior officers who, for personal reasons, are blinded to the reality of the consequences of mortal combat. As a former Marine, I know of what I speak. And by the way, girls, try not to get captured.