Like everyone, I'm distressed and horrified about the recent shooting at Taft Union High School. The sanctity and safety of the school has been violated and a young man faces a long physical and psychological recovery as a shooting victim. There are numerous questions about the circumstances leading to the shooting, about the shooter and his disciplinary record, how the school dealt with him, and the victim's actions toward him.

A meeting was held for parents last week to address some of the questions. When I read the article in The Californian ("Taft parents vent fury over inaction prior to shooting," Jan. 23), I was shocked and appalled to see that one man had brought his seventh-grade son to this meeting and another photo showed other children in attendance! What are they thinking? This is an adult event for parents, where very painful and sensitive adult topics were going to be discussed.

If parents want to angrily question the school administration about safety and the culture of bullying, that is certainly their right, however, those discussions shouldn't take place in front of children. Doing so just undermines the authority of school administration in the children's eyes, and quite honestly, it is disrespectful.

Students should have an opportunity to express their concerns and fears, and know that policies are in place to protect them, but this meeting was not the forum for that. Adult business and topics should be discussed between adults; know when to leave the kids home.