As a school counselor, I was perplexed by the level of anger displayed toward the school administration by many of the parents who attended the recent informational meeting at Taft Union High School.

Certainly an event such as the Jan. 10 shooting at the school will evoke many emotions and have people looking for someone to blame. Having some type of knowledge about the shooter's mental state prior to the shooting, the school employees did exactly what they should have done -- they made a connection with him. It was exactly this connection made by the teacher and the campus supervisor that undoubtedly saved many lives. As I was watching the news unfold regarding the tragedy, I was struck by the bravery displayed by these employees.

Rather than blame the school for something they may not have done, I would like to praise the employees for what they did right. I only hope that if a tragedy such as this happens at my school, I will rise to the occasion just like these men did.