Regarding Mike Miller's Jan. 23 opinion piece ("Prayer breakfast must be inclusive") and Californian CEO Richard Beene's comments in his Jan. 23 "Bakersfield Observed" column, I think it is about time that someone spoke out regarding the annual Bakersfield Prayer Breakfast. It is incredible that Christians always think their prayers are the only ones that matter, and that they have a special channel to reach God.

As these writers point out, the predominant religions in our country and city all worship one God. The Jewish and Muslim religions even claim the same prophets as the Christians. Christians feel they are "special" because of Jesus. But Muslims feel they are special because of Muhammad. So who is correct? Who has the true claim on the best way to reach heaven?

So many wars and conflicts in the world have been caused by the religious, yet the major religions all preach peace and love. Sometimes I wonder, seriously, if the world would be a better place without organized religion. Let everyone find their own path to God. For those Christians who think church is necessary, remember Jesus never created a grand edifice with a hierarchy of leaders. Man created that to give church leaders control over the masses.

Chesterfield, Mo.