Deep within his Jan. 21 Community Voices article "Obama came between us, America, but come back to me," Danny Morrison suggested that Americans who oppose President Obama do so because of the color of his skin. This tired, misguided and obvious attempt to silence Americans who oppose Obama is getting old. I know opposition to Obama is followed by the misuse and improper application of the word "racist." Many a politician has retreated at the utterance of the word and others trip over themselves dodging cleverly crafted attacks with the race bomb.

Why does the word get "thrown down" so often? Many view it as an attempt to silence the truth and to facilitate the progressive agenda that's touted by Obama and his supporters.

Obama is the most divisive president in history. Yet many embrace Obama's agenda because he is black. Morrison himself admitted, in a previous article, to voting for Obama because he's black. Could it be that it's just easier to continue to live in the past and cling to the "woe is me" mindset? Or perhaps many are paralyzed by visions of entitlement.

Obtuse thinking has to end and a new mindset complete with critical thinking skills must be put in its place if we are to maintain the freedoms we enjoy today.

I know hunting down that pesky racist is a lot easier than fighting tyranny, but in the end, we all just want to be free.

Ron Rice