Regarding the recent shooting at Taft Union High School, I do severely regret a student got shot and I hope he recovers completely, but I've neither read nor heard discussion about the bullying behavior in which he was allegedly engaged. Why not?

Also, please consider that the student who did the shooting, purportedly the target of the other student's bullying, appears to have followed exactly the message of the NRA and Second Amendment "defenders": The bullied student used a firearm to defend himself, apparently feeling powerless to stop the bullying by any other means. Aren't his actions compatible with the message I'm sure he's heard over and over? That a person has a right to defend him or herself using a firearm? Then, when a young person follows that message, his actions are condemned -- any cognitive dissonance in our collective patterns of thinking?

Has the Safe School Ambassadors Program been implemented at Taft High? Might our communities do more to provide all people in the community more opportunity to feel respected, accepted and valued in our communities instead of feeling powerless and bullied?

Wofford Heights