This is regarding the report "Puppy Love Program at Bakersfield Shelter" by Kern County Animal Control Director Jen Woodard, which Lois Henry wrote about in her Jan. 16 column, "Animal czar's insensitive report has 'em howling."

ALPHA Canine Sanctuary has sponsored nine free or $10 spay/neuter clinics for dogs in the past three years. Six were held in Lamont. Every time a spay/neuter event was announced, we received hundreds of calls from Lamont dog owners, split evenly between English-speaking and Spanish-speaking. Many callers, both men and women, expressed sadness at seeing the countless stray dogs, not to mention dead dogs, on the streets of Lamont. Because only 45 to 50 dogs could be spayed or neutered in a day's time, we would be left with huge waiting lists after each event.

As for the lack of "leadership" by local animal groups that Woodard cited in her report, as I mentioned, ALPHA sponsored nine free or $10 spay/neuter days in three years, as well as two huge free spay/neuter days in 2006. At each of those two events, more than 100 dogs belonging to low-income citizens were spayed or neutered. If that's not demonstrating how it should be done, which is certainly leadership, what is?

ALPHA Canine Sanctuary