If you are a teacher and you have not posted a project on DonorsChoose.org, you should check it out. It is an online site where teachers post projects and generous donors fund the projects. I have been fortunate enough to have several projects funded.

The Bakersfield Californian Foundation is currently providing matching funds to projects involving literacy and students in grades K-2 when the amount donated by others reaches half the cost of the project. I was lucky enough to have one of my projects fully funded thanks to the foundation's matching funds. My first-graders were so excited to get more than 40 new books added to our classroom library!

Thank you so much for valuing literacy in schools and for supporting teachers. It means a lot and it is so exciting to receive the new materials. If you are interested in supporting teachers, you should check it out, too! The website, again, is DonorsChoose.org.

Mary Lara