Laws based on knee-jerk reaction and emotion rather than on reason or effectiveness can hardly be expected to be either reasonable or effective.

Take for instance the Obama administration's new gun control proposal.

Who will obey these new firearms laws? Probably the same people who obey current laws.

Some of the groups that most likely will ignore any new legislation are: the mafia, gang members, murderers, armed robbers, terrorists, Islamic extremists, sociopaths, the criminally insane, the KKK, the Aryan Brotherhood, etc. Most of the people who belong to these groups will be quite pleased that potential victims will be disarmed by the government in order to help make their working environment safer.

Chicago, New York City, Detroit and Washington, D.C., have led the nation in murders and other violent crimes for decades. And yet, those cities have the most stringent firearms laws in the country.

There does, of course, need to be reasonable firearms regulation, and thorough background checks are not only reasonable but may also be effective. It is the banning of certain firearms that is fruitless. Remember when switchblade knives were banned? The same is true of the last time the federal government banned certain firearms. Additionally, can someone please explain why our schoolchildren do not deserve the same protection by armed security as the money in your bank does?

We should ban legislation based on emotion long before taking away our right to defend ourselves becomes law after all.

Mike Miller