I do not know the name of today's generation, but I am going to name it the "Y" generation. This is because I keep asking myself "Why?" What has happened to societal values with this new generation? Something has to be missing for a young kid to walk into a peer group and open fire on them.

I do not know what went wrong or how to fix what is wrong. We all know these are not a few isolated incidents around the country, but an epidemic. Is it the fact that the children have found the moment of fame in this or are they pushed to the point that human life has no value? I do not know the answer nor do I think there is a simple answer.

I do know, however, somewhere we went wrong as a society. Gun control is not going to fix this; we have to fix this with the generation we are raising. As a parent, I am scared that maybe I too am doing something to add to this problem. Remember, the first thing we all must do to fix a problem is to admit we have a problem.