I believe God gave us the freedom and responsibility to protect ourselves and family. The Second Amendment is not about hunting. It is about protecting yourself from predators, human or animal. It is about protecting yourself from criminals and/or tyrannical governments. Lastly, it is about feeding yourself if you want or need to.

History proves a disarmed population is at the mercy of whoever controls successful weaponry, and if the communists in D.C. and Sacramento destroy the Second Amendment, we are no better off than countries controlled by cartels and roving gangs.

I am tired of politicians telling me I am not responsible enough to be trusted with weapons. I was responsible when I served in their military. What's different? Where are the licenses, permits, and background checks for politicians and/or criminals? Oh, yeah. They don't have to obey the law.

Politicians have devastating powers to control and/or destroy anyone, yet they are not accountable to their own laws. It's time to make them accountable by putting community service back in politics and removing profit and self-enrichment. Politicians should be background-checked, licensed, and limited to two terms. Their salaries and benefits should be no better than any county employee. Politicians should have no pension. They should not be allowed to lobby and they should have some nongovernment work history. Finally, in this age of instant visual communication, they should pay their own travel if they feel they must travel. Guess I'm delusional.