Our Constitution allows us to arm ourselves. Inspired with more current information than what was known in 1791, gun laws were enacted. As vague as the Second Amendment is written, one may easily deduce that any gun control law infringes on our rights. Common-sense laws have saved lives. It's time to further infringe on our rights in light of new information.

Technology has made guns more efficient and effective; we are more concentrated; some people are disenfranchised and need to vent; and guns are more affordable and accessible.

New issues have arisen: the role of guns in American culture; gun ownership as a test case for constitutionalists; the growing number of armed criminals; and the mounting disparity between the haves and the have-nots. These factors and others should be considered against a living Constitution, and not one that time has caused to lose some relevancy. Our gun laws, in the cause of common sense, should be tweaked.

Proposed changes should be more thought through. "Guns don't kill, people do" is oft-repeated, therefore, the entire nation should be armed. Doesn't it follow that more people with guns will kill more people? Limiting magazine capacity is another thought. Test everyone buying a gun. What about mental illness that manifests itself in later life? What then?

As in the efforts of authorities in the Old West to stem gun violence, we should check our guns with the sheriff. Let's build on this theme. Details forthcoming.

Julian V. Filoteo