The Californian's suggestion of issuing driver's licenses to whomever wants them or needs them, regardless of citizenship, makes sense ("Pinpoint, curb trends in deaths of pedestrians," Our View, Jan. 3). It's not up to the DMV to do the job of the federal government. If people are driving vehicles, they need driver's licenses; the DMV will make the same review of a person regarding eligibility to receive a license just like anyone else.

Perhaps the police should issue more jaywalking tickets. Also, has the city increased the speed limits on some of our streets in order to move traffic faster? Traffic on some streets seems awful fast. It may be best to tell pedestrians that they do not have the right of way, and that it's up to them to stay safe; it is 150 pounds against 6,000 pounds. It is not uncommon to see people walking along the side of the road at night without any visible clothing or reflectors.

Kenneth M. Cannon