In reading the Jan. 4 letters to the editor, my first thought was "The Democrats never stop campaigning." On Jan. 5, The Californian published an editorial slamming Rep. Kevin McCarthy for his vote against the fiscal cliff bill ("McCarthy voted for party, not district").

My husband and I are senior citizens on a fixed income. We wanted McCarthy to vote against the bill. Not because we're Republicans, as he is, but because it was the right thing to do.

Until spending is cut, there will not be a solution to the horrible mess we're in. Basic budget accountability and common sense tells one that you cannot spend more than you have. Taking from those who work hard and giving to those who don't will either break the heart and soul of the people or will cause major anger.

There always has to be a first step to doing the right thing and McCarthy took that step and it took courage to do so. The fiscal cliff bill is not going to help the middle class. Our Medicare and our health insurance each just went up, and we have not even begun to see all that we are going to be taxed on since the bill was passed.

It is time to stop the campaigning and start supporting McCarthy, who is working hard to help the people. I realize that the Democrats have a superhero waiting in the wings to swoop down and dazzle the people with words. Words won't solve our problems; that will take courage and action.

Irene Edmonds