Sometimes even The Californian can uncork an surprise.

It was a real body punch the newspaper landed on Rep. Kevin McCarthy, publishing a host of readers' letters expressing their dismay with his no vote on the "fiscal cliff" compromise (Letters, Jan. 4), followed by an editorial that exposed McCarthy's ambitions to endear himself with Republicans rather than serve the interests of his constituency ("McCarthy voted for party, not district," Our View, Jan. 5).

McCarthy's no vote is possible evidence of his ambitions to someday be on a national ticket. McCarthy will never again garner my vote, as he is a textbook example of what is wrong in Congress. "Elected to serve" means simply that; it's about the interests of citizens in his district first, not an opportunity to stairstep upward politically by casting overboard the people who got you there in the first place!

Apparently, the fiscal cliff decision for McCarthy was balanced between the interests of our own houses here in California and his shot at the White House.

From my perspective, McCarthy might as well have went home with someone other than his own wife, because he sure did throw the interests of everyone back home under the bus. With no ifs, ands or buts.

Wade C. Eagleton