While listening to the radio last week, I was appalled to hear about the Bakersfield Condors' promotional giveaway of voodoo dolls. While I try hard to be open-minded and tolerant, I found this promotion hard to accept. Originally, I thought that I had misheard and the announcer had said "bobblehead dolls," however, when I heard the comment about "inflicting pain on the opponents," I realized that I had not misheard.

I agree that each person has a right to his or her own beliefs and I have no problem with that. However, I have to wonder what kind of reception Condors fans would give if the promotion had been the giveaway of crucifixes, Qurans, dreidels or other types of religious items.

I believe the practice of magic (white or black) is based on personal religious beliefs and should not be disrespected or treated with disregard. Using an item of a religious practice as a mass giveaway at a sporting event is without humor and truly without foresight and thought.

Sorry, Condors, you have just lost the respect, support and patronage of this family and possibly others. We will watch and see if you reap what you have sown.