Before the actual congressional vote took place on the "fiscal cliff," I said to my son, "I'll bet you 20 bucks that our congressman will vote against us (the majority of his constituents)." Just as I knew he would, he voted in favor of the millionaires and billionaires. (I didn't realize there were that many in his district to make him vote that way.)

Recently, we attended the beautiful church service for our beloved Al Wagner, who as everyone who knew him knew that he dedicated his life to helping the needy and sick, and in general to make life better for all. Rep. Kevin McCarthy was one of the speakers at the service. He sounded so sincere that my son said to me, "I guess our congressman does have a heart!"

Well, after this week's vote on funding for the people affected by Superstorm Sandy, my son was proved wrong -- our congressman proved to me that he does not have a heart. I think it's time for us to work to replace our congressman and the Republicans to replace their majority whip! How about another run against McCarthy, Terry Phillips?