The day after Christmas, my daughter and I attended "Les Miserables" at Maya Cinemas, arriving with plenty of time to secure good, comfortable seats. After several minutes, a large party of adult moviegoers arrived and inconsiderately told us to move so as to accommodate them. My immediate thoughts were that, no, I shouldn't have to move because we had planned in advance and arrived early to choose our seats, and they should just work around us. However, because I am generally flexible and wanted to set an example of good will, I chose to be accommodating and move seats. As we were moving our belongings and snacks, we lost hold of our large drink and spilled it on the floor, narrowly missing the patrons in front of us. After seeing what had happened, one of the gentlemen in the group apologized and offered to replace our drink, which we accepted.

The movie was great, but what happened afterward was not. This same group left their trash behind. I only hope that the women who were leading this party read this. Next time, it won't be me they impose upon, and they may experience a rude awakening. Then again, if they are that oblivious, they may not even realize it.

Rosa Hernandez