The jurors who found the Bakersfield Police Department and Hall Ambulance not grossly negligent for the delayed medical treatment of Dr. Mohamad Harb evidently missed the bigger picture. The BPD wrongly assumed this man was intoxicated and Hall Ambulance failed to transport him at the first opportunity. Wow, what is this?

What professional physician would testify that there was not enough evidence to see they may have been partially responsible for Harb's situation. The jurors stated they went by the law, but, oh, how we can manipulate the law to fit certain circumstances. The jurors in the O.J. Simpson trial went by the law, too -- please. Harb's attorneys should have sought a change of venue based on the fact that the city of Bakersfield and the largest ambulance company in the city were defendants. This is a travesty of justice and Dr. Harb should appeal.

Larcenia Taylor