I was in tears while reading the initial report of the Connecticut massacre. I am a father of a kindergartner. My daughter comes home every day and tells me what a wonderful day she had in class. She does her homework and cannot wait until class begins the next day. There's never a fear in her eye. Now, I fear sending my daughter to school. School administrators and teachers are not trained to handle this type of event. These great teachers and our schoolchildren are targets for cowards that want to cause harm.

School staff must be trained to defend our children. This training must include firearm instruction and safety. Every teacher must carry a concealed weapon to use if needed. Teachers are among the brightest, most upstanding people in our communities; they possess bachelor's degrees and also post-bachelor's credentials. These teachers are capable of defending our children.

Where does the money come from to train and arm these intelligent teachers? I'm not in favor of more taxes, but if it would protect my children, I would be happy to pay a tax. Pay more to teachers who are willing to protect our children. Provide them training to react to this type of situation. Locking the doors on the classroom and having the children gather in a corner is not the proper action. One teacher with this type of training could save many lives.