I received an e-mail from a relative in Norway who was shocked by the recent school shooting in Connecticut (who wasn't?) and most annoyed that the United States hasn't done anything about gun control. I reminded her that mass shootings happen all over the world, not just the United States.

Yes, I believe background checks and other means of identifying gun purchasers are essential. Medical records and trying to determine sanity, or lack thereof, are also essential pieces of information to have before anyone is allowed to buy a gun, in my opinion. But in this recent tragedy the shooter stole his mother's guns, killed her and went to the school to continue his rampage, so all the paperwork in the world would not have saved lives.

I reminded my cousin of the terrible tragedy in July 2011 at a young people's camp on an island near Oslo, Norway. The shooter killed over 80 people. The whole world has its share of crazies. I imagine all countries are thinking about guns in the wrong hands but as President Obama said, "Now is not the time to discuss gun control." Families are facing an emptiness that must be indescribable.

I hope the political hacks can avoid turning this horrible event into a gun control platform. To hysterically demand the Second Amendment be reworded or replaced is not going to solve the problem.