Enough is enough! The killings of holiday shoppers in a Oregon shopping center and children sitting in classes in a Connecticut school last week are clear evidence that our gun laws are woefully inadequate.

I am suggesting a federal law that requires all owners of firearms be registered, that they be required to take a gun ownership course, that all gun purchasers pass a psychological profile test before every gun purchase, and that there be mandatory re-certification every two to three years. Recertification is to include gun ownership training and passing a psychological profile test. Failure to comply would result in confiscation of the owner's firearms.

In order to accomplish such a law, politically, the NRA needs to be put out of business. The NRA has repeatedly proven it is incapable of reform.

The most effective way to destroy the NRA is to cut of its monies. Members not joining or paying dues could do this. Any member who belongs to the NRA is at least guilty of reckless endangerment if not second-degree murder under the legal doctrines of depraved indifference and conspiracy. Once the corrupting influence of NRA money is out of the way then our gutless politicians will at least have no excuse not to take on the problem of gun control in our society. Until this happens we will continue to see the innocent slaughtered.