I am a teacher in the Kern High School District. Recently I visited with a good friend who has retired from her elementary school teaching career after 40 years. We spoke about the joys and sorrows of teaching and she spoke about how gratifying it is to have some contact with students after they have moved on from the classroom.

Our conversation moved on as we discussed how well our grandchildren are doing in their respective elementary schools. As we talked an idea was born: How about during the holidays, grandparents send notes or cards to their grandkids' teachers. If your grandchild is having a good school year; enjoys going to school; and is excited about what they are learning, there is probably a good teacher motivating them and making their experience an exceptional one.

During the holiday season, teachers will get cards and little gifts from the parents of their students. And that is very nice. But to receive a nice note from a grandparent that expresses their own appreciation directly to the teacher for their good work, I think will be priceless. Today's teachers have a difficult and sometimes thankless job. Most are truly dedicated to making our nation's future a brighter one. If it feels right, grandparents, send a note of appreciation to your grandchild's teacher for the fine job they are doing.