The American dream and the California dream are becoming the impossible dream. Republicans are attacking unions from all angles -- going after pensions, prevailing wage, health care, and making the workplace a more dangerous place due to the hiring of unqualified contractors.

When you attack the unions, you are in essence attacking the United States. Why? Because unions brought the American dream to workers. Unions are the main reason we have good wages, benefits, health and welfare. They're the reason we got rid of sweat shops, unfair working conditions and the workplace exploitation of underage children. They're why we have good insurance.

I am not saying unions are perfect. We aren't. We had bad elements at one time. The truth is it took some terrible things to make this country what it is today.

I am very concerned that this nation is becoming only rich and poor because of the way the middle class is being attacked. The United States can become a proud nation again if we would just start believing in ourselves and make products here.