The "lynching" of CO2, a beneficial gas, began in 1970 at the first Earth Day, which followed three decades of global cooling. The correlation of cooling with increased CO2 in our atmosphere provided a "smoking gun" for climate alarmists to predict the onset of a coming ice age. The alarmists' scientific reason for this seemed plausible at the time: Kirchhoff's fundamental law of radiation states that a strong absorber of radiation (including infrared) such as CO2 is also a strong emitter of that radiation. Hence atmospheric CO2 emits as strongly as it absorbs.

Alarmists back then proposed that world politicians mandate severe CO2 cutbacks even if that reduced world economic growth. What should the world's politicians have done in view of this science? They did nothing. And soon the Earth's climate resumed its natural temperature climb from the Little Ice Age due to solar variations, among many other climate drivers. CO2 has never correlated with variable short term temperature trends (thus disproving causation) while solar radiation does correlate. Long term CO2/temp trends reveal that temperature rises first by numerous years, thus degassing CO2 from our oceans, a fact Al Gore, et al, have backwards.

You would never realize any of this from reading the Nov. 25 Sunday Forum article, "Climate Change and Overpopulation," by William Dickinson, who appears stuck in the same 1970s delusion about man-made global climate change. Only now he is giving CO2 a bum rap for global warning instead of global cooling -- despite Kirchhoff's radiation law.