Not only has Caltrans decided without our permission to put this Centennial Corridor right through the heart of Bakersfield, but now I find out they're taking away the Stockdale Highway exit off southbound Freeway 99. Something to do with another regulation. Not only are they taking out the existing exit (even though it's not in the way) they're not going to put a new one there.

I say grandfather the old one in -- just leave it alone. Does anyone at Caltrans realize that this is the heart of Bakersfield, economically speaking, where more successful businesses thrive than anywhere else in town? Now everyone will have to take California Avenue or Ming Avenue to get to Stockdale Highway.

Just because we need a freeway doesn't mean we need to ruin a town, too. Caltrans has been studying this for years and has missed the elephant in the room -- how it will affect our local economy.