While standing in line at Albertsons, I noticed that the poor wretch in front of me was arguing with a Hostess pie from which box it was taken. I did not hear the pie's reply, but he apparently did and was displeased with the answer he received. His pungent odor filled the air.

Ronald Reagan turned the hopeless and the mentally ill out of hospitals and into the streets. There, they were abandoned and left without shelter or medication. Under George W. Bush, more marginal people were abandoned so that they could put two wars on credit cards; one necessary and one not.

Now the GOP wishes to eliminate Head Start, a program that began in 1965. This program was conceived and implemented by Lyndon Johnson. Head Start provides day care, preschool and nutrition for poor children. The Republicans also wish to eliminate WIC, which supplements food, provides health care referrals and makes available nutritional education. Finally they wish to defund PBS, the classroom for all ages and the only zone on TV for news.

They do all of this so that they may give tax breaks to the top 3 percent of income earners. Oh, ye Republicans and Pharisees! "When you saw me hungry you did not feed me. When you saw me naked you did not clothe me."