One is blinded by having to stand as a citizen with a tin cup, hoping for labor/income "handouts" for what ought to be. Government-driven projects are bad eggs and are not going to work for Californians. Deafened to citizens' votes of no confidence from federal to local jurisdictions without facts of jobless numbers, declining manufacturing capabilities, unwilling private investment, collusive politbureau foreign partnerships, suspect bond markets are all undeclared. Evaluation of large projects' worth should be decided by the people, whom as a majority rule.

The California high-speed rail environmental impact report and California Environmental Quality Act documents are the law for projects. Steel-wheel-steel-rail monopoly should not be the only alternate for such future high-speed ground transportation. Note that all environmental documents by law must examine three alternatives with a no-build option. Caltrans' Alternative B for Highway 58 does not necessarily resolve better flows of future vehicular traffic.

Gov. Jerry Brown's attitude about the flows of energy is unwarranted. His promise to "crush" opponents of solar projects exhibits disdain for statutes of the people. Similarly reducing the EIR requirements for HSR is arrogant. Unknown corporate/politbureau partnerships underlie some extraordinary long-term incentives and subsidies that will place significant burdens on citizens.

All three projects continue to tear apart the livability of our communities. Badly conceived plans do not hatch the golden egg for our villages, towns and cities.

Graham Kaye-Eddie