With regard to the planned extension of Highway 58 through the Westpark neighborhood, when I bought my home 19 years ago, I wasn't told the freeway would be going through my backyard.

I went to a neighborhood meeting and all I could see and hear was the elderly people talking about their homes. There is no amount of money that Caltrans could give us for all the memories that we share -- the pictures that hang on walls and the smudges on the wall from the kids and grandkids. How are we -- and especially the elderly people who have a set income -- supposed to start over again? I keep hearing that the other routes cost more and there are parks that would be taken out, but my home is more important to me than a park. My neighbor, who is retired, asked me, "Where am I going to go? This is my home!"

It's easy for Caltrans to make this decision, but what if it were their homes that were going to be taken? Caltrans, stay out of our neighborhood and leave us alone!